Saturday, April 26, 2008

Soaking Up The Sun

Just came in for a second to get something to drink, but I had to share. I'm on cloud nine because of the way we've spent this Saturday morning. Number One Son and I have been working in the yard together.....planting a big bird of paradise my next door neighbor shared and cleaning out a weedy bed. He moved loads of pavers to my potting bench. Then we moved some daylilies and rosemary plants. After everything was mulched and watered we sat on the porch and admired our work. It's the most quality time I've spent with him in a very long time so I'm beaming. Now he's working on the car he bought when he got home. All paid for, no payments; so smart. Can you tell I'm proud of him? He's such a fine, hard-working man; fun to be with, easy to talk to.He's going to make some lucky girl an ideal husband.


Lori said...

well that sounds like a lovely day:) you raised a good son! you are right to be so proud of him!

Sandi McBride said...

How mumber1 son came to spend the day with us, too...but it was raining so no outdoors work...DIL was at work, but showed up about five to have dinner with're right, that boy of yours will make some lucky girl a mighty fine hubby~!

Happy Heart said...

Wish we were there! All your hard work is paying off...Love you, Amy

Happy Heart said...
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Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Aren't those outdoor projects SO rewarding? I've got one started at home & can't wait to sit back & relax when it is all finished.

Those are some good-looking kids you've got!