Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to you and you!

Twenty years ago I allowed my husband to take a picture of me, in profile, still pregnant with 7lb8oz and 7lb2oz twins. He promised we'd laugh about it one day. Still waiting.

Jack and Lucy are twenty today and WHEW! what an adventure it's been.

First of all, we were through having children before they came along. Never underestimate God's sense of humor.

Second, it's okay to use the phrase "Hell On Wheels" to describe children if it's true. And they were. My pediatrician said they were, "Vigorous!" A neighbor who had twins a few years older once told me hers just sat on the floor and worked puzzles.
Of course they did.

Of course they didn't pull everything out of the linen closet to make forts in the family room everyday. Of course they didn't quadruple her laundry by changing clothes six times a day. Of course they didn't whisper, "Here she comes!" and take off running when they heard her coming down the hall.

Then there's the matter of two of everything......and I mean everything. Cribs, swings, bikes, cars, colleges.............time flies, you know. Of course the smart, funny, athletic, beautiful, hard-working twins are the joy of my life. I wouldn't trade a minute, the love comes doubled up, too.

Happy birthday, Two Babies!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fixing My Little Red Wagon

I'm braving the wilds of the backyard in search of our red Radio Flyer wagon. It's the one we gave Number One Son for his second birthday way back in 1984 when we still lived in Atlanta. It was a landmark birthday because he also got a football and a Georgia Bulldogs helmet that year.
The wagon moved to Tampa with us the following May and carried new friends up and down the street of our new neighborhood and essential toys from the front yard to the back.
The wagon moved with us to our present home and was used to haul rocks door-to-door by Number One Son's younger siblings. Rocks are a rare find in sandy Florida, so when we moved in and the twins found river rocks around the screen porch, they thought they had treasure on their hands. They just knew our new neighbors would agree so they went around to every door and sold rocks out of the little red wagon. Thankfully, our new neighbors were very gracious and found value in the rocks, too..

Now the red wagon is unappreciated and rusting back by the vine covered(and hopefully not snake-infested) shed.
All that's about to change with a little steel wool and WD-40.

Pretty soon that little red wagon will be greeting trick or treaters by the front door with a load of pumpkins and chrysanthemums.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Movie Night

After many recommendations, I finally saw The Lives Of Others yesterday. One reason I had put it off was because no one would say what it was about or why it was a must see. After seeing it, I understand. Just get this movie. I watched it through the video on demand feature with our Fios service.

Adjectives such as stunning, breathtaking, and touching come to mind but don't do The Lives Of Others justice. It's attention to detail is unmatched. It does for East Germany pre-glasnost what Saving Private Ryan did for D-day. It's something everyone heard about but couldn't understand without living through it. This movie takes you into the lives of comrades who believed in the socialist system and naively thought in being faithful to it, it could never harm them. But the same dishonesty and corruption that can plague any form of government catches up with the true believers.
The Lives Of Others is acted by East German players who lived in fear of the Stasi in our lifetime. It is directed by a man whose parents were both East Berliners and had relatives in the Stasi. He spent one and half years researching and speaking to former Stasi agents and victims before writing the screenplay. What he found is the GDR of 1949-1989 with a government informed by Marxism-Leninism and molded by class warfare.
The Lives Of Others should serve as a cautionary tale to all who think that a socialist form of "philosophy" and government is harmless and non-threatening. Every time you hear the phrase "tax the wealthy to pay for _____" you're hearing class warfare spoken and apathy is the greatest threat to our republic and liberty.
The Lives Of Others has won the Academy Award for best foreign film, Best Picture, Screenwriter, and Actor awards for European Film Awards, and Best Foreign Film from Los Angeles Film Critic Awards.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Back From Visiting Fall In NY

If there's to be any Fall in my year, I have to go visit it. Fall never comes to see me. This year our meeting was in upstate New York at Cooperstown, Saratoga Springs, and Lake George in the Adirondacks. There was a surprising lack of Adirondack chairs there, but lots of beautiful views.
Looking out the window at the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Lake George from Prospect Mountain

Old Hotel at Bolton Point

House in Cooperstown on Lake Otesaga

The maples were incredible! Fabulous, iridescent color!

Standing under the canopy.
This is what fall's all about. Thank goodness someone else is raking up all those leaves.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hidden Pinks

When you live in a house full of men, it can be tough to find any pink.

You're mostly surrounded by stuff like this.

And this.

And even this.

Nope. No pink here.

Maybe in the family room?..........no pink.

Surely there's some in here.

Maybe the study.

Come on...........where's the pink?

Maybe up on that high shelf.

Yeah.........this looks promising.

This is more like it.

Angelina can always be depended upon when you need a little pink. Thank goodness for little girls who love to dance.