Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to you and you!

Twenty years ago I allowed my husband to take a picture of me, in profile, still pregnant with 7lb8oz and 7lb2oz twins. He promised we'd laugh about it one day. Still waiting.

Jack and Lucy are twenty today and WHEW! what an adventure it's been.

First of all, we were through having children before they came along. Never underestimate God's sense of humor.

Second, it's okay to use the phrase "Hell On Wheels" to describe children if it's true. And they were. My pediatrician said they were, "Vigorous!" A neighbor who had twins a few years older once told me hers just sat on the floor and worked puzzles.
Of course they did.

Of course they didn't pull everything out of the linen closet to make forts in the family room everyday. Of course they didn't quadruple her laundry by changing clothes six times a day. Of course they didn't whisper, "Here she comes!" and take off running when they heard her coming down the hall.

Then there's the matter of two of everything......and I mean everything. Cribs, swings, bikes, cars, colleges.............time flies, you know. Of course the smart, funny, athletic, beautiful, hard-working twins are the joy of my life. I wouldn't trade a minute, the love comes doubled up, too.

Happy birthday, Two Babies!


Lori said...

Happy Birthday to your babies Holley!!! that was one huge set of twins...my goodness...where IS that pic by the way?

Tonja said...

Great Post!

Happy birthday, Twins! And, I would also love to see the pregnant pic of you!

Sandi McBride said...

Oh Holley, your babies are beautiful! Still not laughing? Sure you are! Happy Birthday to the Hellkittens!

madrekarin said...

Happiest of birthday wishes to you, and you. I'm right there with you on the photo- I have one picture of me pregnant with #1- a 9lb. 11oz. bouncing baby boy. It is hidden where no one will find it.

andi said...

How fun!!! TWINS!
How did the wagon come out?

Laura said...

Happy Day!

My oldest just turned 20 on the 17th. Big gulp!!!

Best wishes,