Sunday, June 14, 2009

English Roses

Can you blame me for loving the name of this rose? It's Teasing Georgia and besides having a fun name it has gorgeous color, bold fragrance, and can be grown as a climber or tea rose.

Abraham Darby is a brave little rose. For a smaller plant it works hard to impress with a fully double, deep-cupped bloom. It doesn't settle for one color, either, going from apricot with pink edges to yellow as it opens. On top of all that it has bold fragrance and can be a short climber or prune for a more compact plant.

This feminine little lady is Tamara. Another compact plant that would be perfect in a container or as a mass planting with morning exposure. The apricot double bloom has a shallow cup and pink tips. It's fragrance is a very unusual lilac and mimosa blend.

Don't let the name"English roses" throw you...all of these do well in the US. The three that I featured here can even thrive in zones 9-10. Generally, afternoon sun will be too strong for them in these zones and they will need daily watering if it's not raining. Try these beauties and you'll be rewarded for your labor of love.


Lori said...

aha!!! it's working for me again...what gorgeous roses and garden...thanks for sharing Holley!!!

Tonja said...

So glad to hear from you, I've missed reading your blog! Hope all is well with you and yours!

Love the Tamara...the color is amazing!

andi said...

YIPPEE! Glad you're back! I love that grassy walk. I want to sink my toes in it and smell the roses. :)