Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pottery Barn catalog

In keeping with my constant quest for redecoration, our downstairs half bath got a face lift this year. We brought in the trim carpenters to install bead board and mouldings. Painters covered it all in cream semigloss. New taupe towels with ivory monograms were hung on gleaming towel bars. Woodsy Audubon bird prints were mounted and hung. To carry out the bird theme an antique salt cellar shaped like a bird and it's nest was placed next to the sink for ladies to put their rings in while washing their hands. French soaps wrapped in green paper and twine were stacked in an old glass refrigerator box.

All that was left to do was stand back and admire the result. A completely original take on decorating a half bath- until the fall Pottery Barn catalog came out. Their new ideas for fall? Bead board, Audubon bird prints, and monogrammed towels in all the same shades of cream, taupe, and meadow green that we had chosen. They could have saved themselves lots of trouble by just coming to our house to take their pictures. I think that's exactly what I'll tell anyone who suggests we get all our decorating ideas from Pottery Barn.

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Miss Pajamas said...

I would be so mad if that happened to me. But you described your bathroom beautifully, I'm sure it's gorgeous and better than Pottery Barn. Maybe you could get a consulting job with them! Haha. My favorite soaps of the moment are Gianna Rose Atellier. Check em out.