Friday, July 20, 2007

Goodie Day

Our tradition of Goodie Day started years ago in an attempt to give homeschooled twins something to look forward to every week. A trip to the gas station with the promise of one goodie evolved into every Friday being Goodie Day. That generally meant a popsicle while out running errands. Eventually, friends started being included in the big day. Then treats had to be delivered to parents of friends when the kids were dropped off. The idea of Goodie Day even spread to other cities by friends and relatives. It's probably included in some homeschool curriculum now. For us, Goodie Day slowly came to an end. With drivers licences, cars, and coffee dates, time with Mom at the 7-11 lost it's luster. Now Fridays mean Jack and Coke, seafood spread and herbed crackers, and a soak in the jacuzzi. It's a far cry from a minivan full of laughing children munching on goodies.

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