Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Contained Chaos

Want a riot of color in that drab corner of the veranda? Put together a container of bright annuals and change the view. Dark colored containers show off hot summer colors best. Just mix up foliage textures: a broad leaf, narrow leaf, fern leaf and colors: complementary like red and green, purple and yellow, and blue and orange. A variety of heights is essential: Something tall, medium , and trailing. If that sounds impossibly complicated, just remember the rule of three: three textures, three colors (green counts), three heights. For a sunny spot use a large bronze container with Persian Shield, yellow lantana, yellow marigolds, and chartreuse sweet potato vine. Cover the exposed soil with pea gravel. A shade container could be a large antique green box with Macho fern, needle point ivy, white impatiens, and pink angel wing begonia. The exposed soil could be covered with moss. Using evergreens guarantees good looks even after the annuals are gone. Everything can be purchased in one stop at Home Depot or Lowes and can be put together in less than an hour. Make that boring corner beautiful and improve your outlook with some fabulous new containers.

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