Monday, July 16, 2007

In Season

There was a time when corn could only be bought in the summer, apples in the fall, and tangerines were found in the toes of Christmas stockings. Florida in February was the time to hit your knees and pick strawberries from the built up mounds of earth. Fill gallon milk jugs with the tops cut off to over flowing with the juicy scarlet berries then take them home to cut up over homemade pound cake. June meant peaches and blueberries at roadside stands or pick your own in the early summer sun. July was anxiously waited on because the blackberries would be plump and ready to pick growing wild at the edges of fields. These were mixed with sugar and butter and baked in flaky pies and cobblers. No king has ever dined on finer fare than pole beans, butter peas, sweet corn, and tomatoes fresh from the garden. Add warm biscuits and crispy fried chicken to that plate and you have a meal that will stay in the memory long after the season is gone.

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