Tuesday, July 24, 2007

You Can Come Home Again

For several weeks now our house has been almost empty. With one son working in Utah, the other in California, one daughter away at school, one house sitting on the other side of town that leaves just hubby, dog, and me. There are some perks to having an empty house. It's possible to walk in the laundry room for the first time ever. Shoes left by the door only belong to me. The dishwasher only runs once a day even with pots and pans. The second refrigerator in the garage is beginning to look redundant as the grocery bill plummets. This is no time to do anything rash like getting rid of stuff, though. In just a few short weeks everyone is going to come flooding back in. Just in time for their Daddy's birthday, all but one will be coming home. The chores will pile up again but they'll be done cheerfully. It's just more fun having everyone around the table and under one roof.

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