Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hitting the wall

Modern technology is a wonder. It staggers the mind to think about how it's changed our lives in the past twenty years. Remember when it was so important to have a Walkman? Where are they now. VCR's, Cd changers, and boom boxes are filling our dumps and antique stores right now. Recent movies are easy to date by the size of the cell phones the actors are using. The audience will actually start laughing during a serious scene if the leading man is holding a phone the size of a horses leg. Now cell phones can do everything a computer does and it fits in the palm of your hand. Did they even have that in Star Wars? I don't think so.

Keeping up with using all these gadgets is the real trick. As long as you can download music to your Ipod, silence your cell phone in a movie theatre, and send email to all your friends and family you're okay. But at what age are we simply not going to get it anymore? When are we just not going to know which button to push? Maybe there won't be any buttons and you only have to think an action to make it happen. I'll probably be too distracted to make it work. Instead of silencing my phone, it will return that call I forgot to make earlier. The Ipod will play the FSU fight song repeatedly because I can't get it out of my head after a football weekend. The computer will send emails to everyone I know telling them the things I should have said to that rude clerk as I continue to think of rejoinders too late. That's when technology ceases to be a convenience and gets chucked in the garbage along with yesterday's news.

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