Sunday, July 29, 2007

Eggs Over Easy

Eggs cooked the way you like them. So many menus make this boast but how many restaurants can actually make eggs exactly the way you do at home. Famed Atlanta Journal Constitution writer Lewis Grizzard would go to great lengths to describe the way he liked his eggs, but no one could cook them the way his mother did. It all comes down to secret techniques that people don't share. One way to make eggs over easy is to melt the butter in the pan then just as it starts to sizzle, the eggs are cracked and dropped in. Let them cook on medium high until the white is done. Then flip them over and spell the name of your high school boyfriend(or girlfriend). Presto! Perfect eggs! There are as many ways to make hard-boiled eggs as there are home economics teachers from the seventies: leave the heat on, turn it off, covered, uncovered, or add vinegar to the water. My grandmother told me to put the egg in the smallest pan in the cabinet then fill the water until there's a dry circle on the egg the size of a quarter. When the water starts boiling, turn down the heat to low and time it for twelve minutes. Perfect every time. What about omelets. Should they be folded over or left open? How many ingredients should be added? Some say two or three, some empty the vegetable bin in there plus four cheeses. Even the omelet stations that make customized breakfasts don't always get it right. The vegetables must be sauteed not added raw. Raw red bell peppers in the morning are not good for anybody.

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