Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Color Blind

It's a big mistake to read decorating magazines on a regular basis because the color schemes change from season to season and you'd go broke trying to keep up with the trends. It's always whites and beiges with crystal accessories for January. Then spring brings fresh greens and Easter Egg colors. There's occasionally a month where everything is pink. From baby powder pale to saturated magenta, room after room is shown in nothing but pink. Summer brings the colors of the flag. Bunting on railings, pillows on sofas, and table linens are all the good ol' red, white, and blue. If you followed the direction of the pink issue you're in trouble now. Flags and bunting clash terribly with carnation walls. Of course fall brings coffee brown, pumpkin orange, and corn stalk gold. This color scheme cannot possibly be pulled off if you went whole hog in the spring and covered all your furniture in blue, yellow, and green. Finally the Christmas issues come out with the most fabulous trees and garlands festooned with ornaments and ribbons in jewel tones. The ruby reds, amethyst purples, and emerald greens sparkle in the magazines. A tree in every room is their recommendation. Garlands dripping with blown glass ornaments are draped over mirrors and huge oil paintings This is when you cancel your subscriptions because you just finished painting all the walls pumpkin.

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