Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fixing My Little Red Wagon

I'm braving the wilds of the backyard in search of our red Radio Flyer wagon. It's the one we gave Number One Son for his second birthday way back in 1984 when we still lived in Atlanta. It was a landmark birthday because he also got a football and a Georgia Bulldogs helmet that year.
The wagon moved to Tampa with us the following May and carried new friends up and down the street of our new neighborhood and essential toys from the front yard to the back.
The wagon moved with us to our present home and was used to haul rocks door-to-door by Number One Son's younger siblings. Rocks are a rare find in sandy Florida, so when we moved in and the twins found river rocks around the screen porch, they thought they had treasure on their hands. They just knew our new neighbors would agree so they went around to every door and sold rocks out of the little red wagon. Thankfully, our new neighbors were very gracious and found value in the rocks, too..

Now the red wagon is unappreciated and rusting back by the vine covered(and hopefully not snake-infested) shed.
All that's about to change with a little steel wool and WD-40.

Pretty soon that little red wagon will be greeting trick or treaters by the front door with a load of pumpkins and chrysanthemums.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I love Florida! Winter is coming here in NE Ugh!I wanted to start gardening but do not have a clue!

Lori said...

that will look so sweet Holley, make sure you show us pics!!!

Tonja said...

My boys had one just like that! Oh, the things they would haul!