Monday, April 14, 2008

Running Out The Door

We're off again this Phoenix, Arizona this time. The only thing I know for sure we're going to do while we're there is go to the Diamondbacks-Padres game Friday night. There's apparently a fabulous pizza place that was featured on Oprah which might be worth hunting for. Anyone have any other suggestions?
So while I'm gone will you please feed and walk Roxy, water the roses everyday, water the magnolia, and get the mail and newspaper. Thanks! I knew I could count on you.


Happy Heart said...

Have fun, Holley!!! Wish I was there to take care of your house.

Laura said...

My two favorite hamburger chains, In 'N Out Burger and Fatburger, have restaurants in might want to stop by one if you've never eaten there before. Have fun!!

Best wishes,