Saturday, April 5, 2008

Planting Hope

A gardener is the most hopeful person, I read once. It's because they plant a tiny seed knowing that a beautiful, living plant will be the ultimate result of that act. You'll never hear, "Well, here goes nothing. Probably nothing will come up and this is a waste of time." out of them ............Pollyannaism at it's finest. Newly planted Country Time Rose
No, a gardener acts with great faith and optimism knowing that their labor will bear fruit. Here are some pictures of my labor over the weekend. The Country Time rose was a surprise from Mom that came in the mail with two Double Knockout roses. Thanks, Mom! I got them planted along with three other new roses I bought this week to replace some that were beyond hope. Nasturtium Alaska
This nasturtium is a volunteer that reseeded from last year. It's so pretty that I'm leaving it right where it is and planted two more packets of nasturtium seeds in that area of the garden. I think I'll add some Four-O'Clocks and Zinnias to make it a really raucous party.
Knockout Rose
These landscape roses are planted in a place that used to be full of Southern Indica Azaleas. They were under the Laurel Oak we had to have cut down about a month ago. The Magnolia is taking the place of the oak. We have lots of big oak trees and I've never had a good place to put a Magnolia til now, so there it is.....right in front where I can see it every time I drive up. Newly planted Magnolia 'D D Blanchard' to replace diseased Laurel Oak
We are getting some pretty good rain, thank goodness, so as soon as it lets up I'm going to move some day lilies closer to the house and see how the iris are looking. Happy times.

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Sandi McBride said...

I'm never quite so happy as when I'm elbow deep in dirt manure and mulch. Ah the smells of Spring! They are upon us!