Thursday, May 1, 2008

Brain Aerobics

How would you like to spend this morning taking a college chemistry exam? That's what baby girl is doing and I can't imagine anything worse! Well I can but you know what I mean. My brain hasn't been that exercised for a long time. Just memorizing a periodic table would over-extend my brain power at this stage of maturity. The math involved with chemistry is enough to make eyes glaze over and thoughts drift to what's going on outside the window. Not only learning all the formulas but when to use them. It conjures up that age old question, "Will I ever use this in my adult life?" The closest I've ever come to using chemistry is when I bake a sour cream pound cake and have to make sure to use the correct amount of salt and soda. And does cleaning the kitchen with chemicals count? I know it's bad chemistry to mix bleach and ammonia because it says so right on the didn't take hours of labs and lectures to learn that. Of course if I was a doctor or a pharmacist I'm sure I'd see the value of learning chemistry, but when you're Doctor Mom it's amazing how far a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a box of butterfly bandages will take you. Once again...not taught in class. Once I got a late night call from son Jack that went a little something like this: Hi Mom. Have we got any butterfly bandages? If not I'll stop on the way home. That's my boy! We don't need no stinkin' ER doctor! He had been skate boarding down a ramp and neglected to see the chain a security guard had stretched across the driveway. Cut his nose wide open. Thank goodness he's not a little taller. Butterfly bandages aren't much help on necks.


Tonja said...

Cute post.

Common sense is the best sense to use most of the time, anyway. We pretty much figure out everything else we need to know as we go along!

Lori said...

too true:)