Monday, May 5, 2008

Lifelong Love

For as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated by books. At first it was Mother Goose and fairy tales............................
then Peter Rabbit and Maurice Sendak's Pierre were my favorites.Before the words made any sense I was anxious to learn to read so I could pick up any book and enjoy it.
My grandmother from Columbus, Georgia would read Uncle Remus stories to us in an authentic dialect. It rolled of her tongue as easily as if she was speaking in her everyday voice. She made the antics of Brer Rabbit and Brer Bear and Brer Fox, who were always trying to out smart him, come to life.
My grandmother from Augusta, Georgia would read us ancient mythology and the history of the classical civilizations. When she read from Richard Halliburton's Book Of Marvels, her eyes would light up and she got as excited as we did to hear about the Great Pyramids and the Great Wall of China. Now my bookshelves are groaning under the weight of all the books. Everything from history to gardening and art to sports are covered. Of course there are still plenty of story books and I can't resist John Grisham's new offerings. There are some loves you just never outgrow.


Anonymous said...

Aren't books wonderful! I still have my childhood copy of Black Beauty, Alice in Wonderland, and Honey Bunch goes to the Beach.

Tonja said...

I understand exactly what you mean. I love books! Just the thought that hiding between those 2 covers is something I have never heard of, or read about is so exciting. I think I have about 30 books that I have bought that I have not read yet...but I will.
In our new house we are building a library....a lifelong dream. I can hardly wait to just be able to sit in the room with the books that are like friends to me!

madrekarin said...

I still have books from my childhood that I will go back and reread every now and then. What wonderful memories you have from your grandmothers.
I have a copy of Uncle Remus written in its original text. It is not easy to read trying to affect the proper accent that goes along with it!
By the way, you can never have too many books. :)

Laura said...

I have some books which were my mother's and have now been read by a third generation. :) Some of my earliest memories are of books, particularly a couple books of nursery rhymes and poems.

I recognize the cover of the Wm. F. Buckley book on your shelves -- I have it too!

Best wishes,