Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another Fine Mess

In a moment of weakness, I let a friend talk me into a crazy money making scheme. We’d go shopping at a warehouse outlet (I pay for it), put it on EBay (I do all the listing), and sell it for a profit (I do all the shipping). Now I’m $200.00 dollars in the hole. The worst part was Hubby's reaction. He walked into our study (now warehouse) and shouted, “What is all this stuff?” When I explained to him the great idea of making heaps of money selling it all on EBay, he stifled a guffaw, knocked the area rugs off his ottoman, and sat down. “What is your friend’s part in this?” he asked. Well…. She’s my business partner, she went shopping with me. Did you drive? Yes. Did you pay for everything? Yes. Have you spent hours on the computer listing everything? Yes. Have you done all the packaging and trips to the post office? Yes. How is she your business partner again? Well….

He slowly looked around the room, shook his head, and walked out. I know what he’s thinking; another harebrained scheme that’s going to take money out of his retirement account. The last time it was a landscaping business and it cost him the price of a pickup truck. I ended up gardening for people out of pity so it also cost him for several trips to Home Depot. This is absolutely, positively the last time I try to make money. I’m going to stick to what I’m good at…. spending it.
With 12 hours left on my most promising auction, Ebay abruptly canceled it because I had used the words "Like New" in the title. Boy oh boy...did they catch me. I thought I could get away with it but they caught me red-handed. I guess I just can't get away with such dishonest business practices. How are the 15,000 other people who have that in their title's sneaking by? I'm now so disgusted by the whole thing that I'm taking bids on the whole lot. Any takers?

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