Friday, September 7, 2007

A bird in the hand....

There's a list of things in my head that a perfect home should have. It's an informal list and does change from time to time, but one thing that's always been on the list is *Peacocks In The Yard.
I have a vague memory of visiting a great house in Atlanta with peacocks wandering around the garden and thought that was the most grand thing ever. Never mind that they are pretty good size birds and you know what pretty good size birds leave behind. The other drawback is the sound they make. It sounds like a woman screaming. I have a real problem with that....just ask anyone my feelings about Hillary Clinton. Well, anyway, sorry to put that image in your head.....but this morning when I went to let Roxy out there were seven peacocks in the front yard. It looked like they were thinking about coming up on the porch. Roxy would of course bark and run them off so I hesitated to let her out right away, but you can't put off a fifty pound poodle for very long.
So I got a good look at them then opened the door. Roxy pounced and barked and they scattered, honking like geese the whole time. She chased them half-heartedly because she's really a coward and hadn't realized how big these birds are. They reappeared a little while later crossing the street to someone's yard who's more dogs. It's okay though-this isn't the dream home. I won't expect them to stay until I get there.

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