Monday, September 17, 2007

Want and Need

Ice cream-want, spinach-need. Porche-want, minivan-need. Trip to Ireland-want, family visit to Miami-need. One is self indulgent, the other self control. But now there's a new take on the old idiom. My wonderful sister told me about a technique she got from a book she's reading. The purpose is to change your attitude about things in your life that seem like drudgery. It works like this: replace the "I need to/should" things in your life to "I want to things". For instance, I need to weed the garden (back breaking chore) becomes I want to weed the garden(beautiful yard to enjoy). And I need to read to the children more (Green Eggs And Ham again?) becomes I want to read to the children more (enjoy them while you can).
Sister said she's been doing this for a few days and can already see a big difference in her outlook. Isn't it amazing how just changing one little word can turn a negative into a positive? Since it's Monday and that's the perfect day to start something new, lets all give it a try. When you find yourself running through "the list" in your head, make sure it's a "want to" instead of "need to" list. I'd love to hear how it goes. Cheers!


kate said...

That is a good way to see things ...especially things that we really don't want, but need to do.

That is a gorgeous Salvia with the bees.

david hayes said...

This is great advice. Thanks for sharing it.