Friday, August 3, 2007

A Boy's Room

Think of a boy's room and what do you see? Maybe blue walls, baseball pictures, and a red bedspread with checked piping. Or a cowboy theme featuring pony skin pillows and bandanna curtains. Plaid in shades of navy and burgundy red with vintage sailing prints on the walls is a traditional favorite. But what makes a boy's room is the boy who's in it; his treasures collected from a lifetime of adventures. Baseball cards, spent shotgun shells, rocks, and deer antlers begin to tell the story. A dog's bed in the corner and brown bear on the bed. Fish hooks and guitar picks in a cup on the desk. Photos from mountain tops in five states and two countries add more detail. Posters of rock bands, ticket stubs, and wristbands tell of nights out with friends. A bright yellow bike, skateboard gloves, and surf wax boxes whisper of exciting athletic endeavors. Listen... hear the echo of laughter at shared jokes and stolen kisses. The boy's room holds secrets and clues of a childhood lived well-a Bible on the table, histories of ancient battles on the shelf. Now it's time to wipe the dust off the dresser and close the door. The boy walked out of the house, but a man will return home.

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