Thursday, August 16, 2007

Overcoming Temptation

I've done it again. Bitten off more than I can chew, eyes were bigger than my stomach, mind made a promise that my body can't fill. It happens all the time and it must be a sickness. Mark it down to not being able to overcome temptation. It starts with an email: End of the season clearance!Our favorite items on SALE! Well, it won't hurt to just take a look, I tell myself. So I click on the link. Then in about two seconds I've found an unbelievable deal on the most gorgeous shrubs that I can't live without. Where will they fit in the yard and when can I plant them? Not a concern- they're ordered and on the way. Now I've had a few days to think about it and I'm not sure where I'm going to put them. There are still six coleus sitting in the shade under the big oak tree because it's been too hot to work in the yard much. And I've got three shrubs on the way! What is needed here is a full time gardener who takes direction well. Since that's not going to happen this millennium, I guess I'm going have to work on my self control.

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