Tuesday, August 14, 2007

He's Leaving

Gentle Reader,
The week has finally come. It's sad foretelling came in July and the final days are now upon us. That's right-it's Dan Patrick's last week at ESPN. Even though he hasn't been at his microphone much since his farewell announcement, we we're looking forward to a week of reminiscing and story telling about the good ol' days. Remember the first time he used the catchphrase "en fuego"? What about the Big Shows before Keith Olbermann left Sportscenter and ESPN for Fox News. And all those crazy This Is Sportscenter commercials. Dan's radio show has been on every day at 1:00 for I don't know how long. His biggest concern on the show has been to maintain his street cred and he's gone to great lengths to keep it. At it's best when Rob Dibble was there to buffer Dan, it's still been chugging along with producer Phil acting as backstop. But Dan does the best interviews, bar none, in media today. He always lets the guest speak for themselves which sometimes gets them into trouble. Who can forget the day Tanya Harding had to give the phone to her bodyguard? That was good for a soundbite that still works today. And when Mickey Rivers speaks, it's anyone's guess what he's actually saying. For better of worse, Dan is off to greener pastures. Thanks for the memorable work at ESPN, Dan. It won't be the same without you.
To keep up with Dan and follow his new project go to his website http://www.danpatrick.com/.

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