Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bad Timing

Happy day! Edgar Renteria is back in the Braves line-up after being disabled for three weeks. OOPS- no... make that back on the disabled list after looking at one pitch in his first at bat. I can't believe it! If it's this frustrating for me to see it happen imagine how he feels. Those ankle sprains can be as tough to heal as a break. Yunel Escobar is doing okay at short in the mean time, but there have been some double play opportunities squandered and errant throws that you can't help but think Edgar would have made that play.

This is a bad time to have a starter hurt- last year it was Chipper. He's okay now but the Braves have got some pitchers ailing and Andruw Jones has elbow troubles. It's all giving me that unsettled feeling that they're not going to turn it around. Maybe when the weather starts to change in Atlanta it will perk up the Braves.

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