Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Peachtree Road

It's pretty much common knowledge that if you visit Atlanta, you're going to spend some time on a street called Peachtree. You're probably even going to get lost because of a street called Peachtree. The lists of Peachtree Road, Street, etc. are legendary and don't boost the confidence of a newcomer trying to navigate the winding streets of Atlanta. But what they don't realize is it can be daunting for natives, too. Especially for the natives who navigate by landmarks. A driver can suddenly become lost when the landmark that indicates a turn disappears overnight. Persistent widening of roads and development gives Atlanta a constantly changing landscape. The once leafy and mostly residential Buckhead is rapidly becoming a concrete canyon. Gracious old homeplaces are being turned into subdivisions. Small shops are making way for hotel skyscrapers. Single story medical buildings are being replaced by gargantuan office complexes. More cars than ever drive on Peachtree Road but it is still just Peachtree Road. And as long as there's an Atlanta, people will be getting their Peachtree Streets confused with their Peachtree Roads.

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