Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cute Little Bunnies

Got a soft spot for cute little furry animals? Then your day is coming.......you know ....the holiday that makes it okay to have as many cute little bunnies around your house as you like. I personally have boxes and boxes of them(I even leave some out all year!) but that doesn't stop me from hunting for more. The day after Valentine's Day marks the official opening of cute little bunny season so I went on a scouting mission yesterday just to see how the crop is looking. Look what I spotted!
Aren't these two precious balancing up on their egg perches? I love this little lady with her tule tutu and egg garland. This sweet bunny couple is tying the knot. The bride has a very original bouquet and her tiara is one carrot.If you look carefully you can see that it was a triple wedding. Glitter is very fashionable for bunnies this year. This fleece lady has made friends with a chick and a frog(prince?). Stay tuned.....more bunnies to come.

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Lori said...

i loved the bunny post:) thanks for sharing, i look forward to seeing more!!!