Monday, February 11, 2008

Party Like It's 1799

George and Martha Washington were real party animals who hosted more than 677 guests in one year alone. George loved having company and treated them right with big dinners every afternoon at 3:00 sharp.
A February guest started off with a glass of wine or beer, then sat down to a table that makes our Thanksgiving feast look like an afternoon snack. There was a leg of boiled pork, goose, roast beef, cold boiled beef, mutton chops, hominy, cabbage, potatoes, pickles, fried tripe,and onions. A cruet set sitting on the table held salt, dry mustard, vinegar, oil, and a ketchup made from walnuts or mushrooms instead of tomatoes. For dessert Martha served mince pies, fruit tarts, and cheese. The cheese could have been some of the Cheshire or Gloucester George Washington imported or a soft cheese made right at Mount Vernon.
If the guests were still feeling a bit peckish, a final course of nuts, apples, and raisins were served with Port and Madeira wines.
We should all remember George Washington as he was toasted at Gadsby's Tavern during a 1798 Washington birthday celebration,"The hero whose birth we celebrate....may the virtuous principles which ever have influenced his conduct be preserved through succeeding generations."

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Lori said...

i could party in that gorgeous room!!! thanks for the little history lesson:)