Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Courtesy Call

Son Jack called from Utah a little while ago. He had been watching the news reports showing all the devastation from tornadoes and wanted to check in. We're having a pretty day, though, with just a soft spring shower so he needn't have worried, but this is the son with the sentimental heart. He's so attached to the idea of home that I don't dare touch anything in his room while he's gone. Everything from movie posters to mountain climbing pictures have to stay right where they are on the wall. The black bears on the bed have their spot next to the pile of pillows. The coins, sunglasses, bank statements, and catch-all rice measuring baskets on his dresser haven't moved since the day he left before Christmas. His room would make a beautiful guest bedroom with it's big paladian window and high ceiling.....hmmmm......the old mahogany four poster with red and ivory toile and pink botanicals on the wall.....whew! imagination is running away with itself. There's plenty of time for decorating guest rooms coming in a flash. For now, that room belongs to my sweet, sentimental son.

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