Monday, January 7, 2008

Inspiration Point

Need some fresh inspiration for your home decorating and gardening this year? How about for your artwork? There are some wonderful events coming up in the next few weeks that will inspire some nest fluffing . Here are the links to check them out. First, in Atlanta, it's the 21st Annual Southeastern Flower Show being held Wednesday, January 30-Sunday, February 3, 2008. You'll find it at the Georgia World Congress Center downtown. The theme is Imagine that! and will include landscaped gardens, floral designs, shopping, and demonstrations. The website has a video that shows just how wonderful it's going to be.

Next, you won't want to miss the Edward Hopper exhibit at the National Gallery in Washington, D.C. The National Gallery is on the Mall next to the Natural History Museum. This exhibit focuses on Hopper's best works including the recognizable Nighthawks.

An event that's been around for a long time is the Natchez Pilgrimage Tour. Not only can you visit 25 fabulous Antebellum Mansions, but also see the historic Pageant with live singing and dancing. There's a blues festival, gospel performances, and comedy plays at the Little Theatre. The Pilgrimage takes place from March 8-April 12.

And in Napa Valley the Terra Valentine Winery lives up to it's name with a St. Valentines Day Party, Saturday, February 9. Last year they released two wines call Amore and Marriage at the event. Wouldn't it be fun to spend Valentines Day at a winery in Napa?
If something special is happening near you, please blow a kiss and let everyone know about it.

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