Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Taking Off The Gloves

Around the beginning of December there were lots of parties and get togethers on the horizon so I decided to get some pretty pink and white fingernails put on to go with the pretty outfits I'd be wearing. The only time I've ever had naturally pretty nails was during pregnancy and since that's not happening again, fake nails is the answer for hands that don't look like they belong to a potato farmer.
There's much sacrifice in having pretty fingernails, though. Number one sacrifice: no scratching. These thick, dull nails just don't do the job on those little itches. They also make taking contacts out of your eyes tricky. There's no fine touch on these babies. Fake nails are the major cause of soft contact lens fatalities. And you can forget about pulling those little stickers off of fruit. Just go ahead and get out the tweezers if you don't want paper with your pear. The list of drawbacks goes on and on. Typing, buttoning, gluing, and closing the shower door all require a bit of finesse.
So, decision time is here. Do I keep the nails and develop a first-name basis relationship with the nail lady? or.............. Do I loose the nails and regain all the function of my fingers?
The answer is right there in front of me; I'm just sorry to see the only little bit of glamour about me go.


Lori said...

LOL!!! this post was TOO cute:) and honey if i could show you what is going on with MY hands, you would feel SO much better about yours!!!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I hear you!
This is no small decision. Major. Life altering.
I opted to put my $$ in a travel fund... I will have the ugliest nails in Italy this spring =D
a presto!