Thursday, January 3, 2008

Winter Has Arrived

If you're thinking about a little trip to Florida, you might want to hold off. We're right in the middle of our three day winter and it's freezing down here. Yesterday afternoon everyone was frantically running around covering their gardenias and jasmines and pygmy date palms. What if we don't have enough sheets?! Some people were frantically running to the store to buy those fake logs wrapped in paper for their fireplaces. A chimney sweep is a lonely job in Vacationland.
I just took the garbage out and had to wear a sweater. Imagine that! I even had to wear closed toed shoes. This pedicure with the cute little snowmen on bright red polish is going to waste. I could have saved myself alot of time by just going with plain red. Fashion definitely suffers when the temperature drops. My hair has even drooped due to the lack of humidity.
Well, if we can stick it out this will all be over in a few days. My strategy is to huddle by the fire with my Williams-Sonoma hot chocolate I got for Christmas(with handmade chocolate marshmallows) and read The Greenwich Village Reader my darling daughter brought me from her trip to NYC. I'll finally get to use the throw my son gave me last year. I get the feeling I'll look like a character out of a Charles Dickens novel. All I need is a nightcap.

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