Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Worry Wart

Worry doesn't add one day to your life but it does add character to your face and gray to your hair. It takes your mind to another day instead of letting you focus on this one. If we had back the amount of time we've worried away, our lives would be twice as long. Does worrying about what to have for dinner get it cooked? Can you worry away the thank you notes you need to write? Oh, if only worry could pull weeds.

Children can be a major source of worry as they skip out the door and into the big, bad world. It can be so tempting to rein them in and protect them from harm, but is this doing them any favors? So many life lessons come from mistakes made when children are playing outside in their neighborhood. That play teaches them alot about what people are like and how things work. So let 'em go and have faith!


MrSoup said...

I couldn't agree more. In the UK, kids are molly coddled both at school and at home and are not allowed to take any risks whatsoever. When they grow up, they don't have this valuable life experience and common sense and are at a disadvantage - sometimes dangerously so because they now have responsibility and use of dangerous things like cars and chainsaws.

windycorner said...

Here, here! Watch out for those kids with chainsaws. So many people here are homeschooling their kids now to give them a proper upbringing. Is it still illegal to homeschool there?

MrSoup said...

The law in the UK is that parents remain responsible for the education of their children regardless of whether they are in school or out of it. The state reserves the right to make enquiries should they believe that this responsibility is not being met and to offer an alternative educational environment to the home to those who wish to use it.
The home education community in the UK in 2003 was between 80 & 90 thousand children and is continuing to grow at around 20% per annum.

As long as the kids mix with other kids and don't become reclusive, I'm all for it!