Saturday, November 10, 2007

New Moleskine

The section at Barnes and Noble with cards, journals, stationary, and maps is my favorite. On every trip over there, I save the best for last. It's books first, then the fun stuff. With such a large family cards are always on the shopping list. The best are quirky photos or beautiful landscapes on the outside and blank on the inside so a poem or personal message can be added. Today a new Moleskine notebook made it into the shopping bag. It's the 240 lined acid-free pages with an expandable inner pocket. Big enough for someone with large handwriting but small enough to fit in a pocketbook. It feels like Christmas morning to pull off the shrink wrap and give the elastic band a snap. The shiny black cover has a grainy feel and opens easily the first time- not stiff like cheaply made notebooks. The inside cover has lines to write who the journal should be returned to if it's lost. There's also a line for the amount of a reward to be paid on it's return. much is this little book worth? Today it's worth the asking price of $16.95 but in a year when it's full of thoughts and memories and postcards stuck in the pocket it will be priceless.

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MrSoup said...

A good quality note book is so much more rewarding to write in than typing could ever be - however nice your keyboard!

I keep a ledger of all customers who enquire or order from my business - and it is so easy to flick through to find things - colour coded, dated, in chronological order, portable, instant access, works in power cuts....I don't know why no-one else is using them!