Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Golden Time

Dogs can be like grandchildren. When pictures are passed around, the photos are appreciated most by those with the most love for the subject. Others will oooh and aaah because they recognize the bond......they have it with their dog.....not because they think the dog is beautiful. What's beautiful is the bond. Does it mean more when a dog is aloof and independent or affectionate and intuitive? Depends on the owner and what they need from their dog. Hunting and herding dogs aren't meant to be pets but in general are fiercely loyal. The jobs they do come from extensive training of instincts they possess. When the job is done well, the master acknowledges with words and affection. A non-sporting dog who fills the role of family pet is following his instincts, too. Protective and obedient, they become part of the family. An intimate communication is established between dog and master that can be expressed in subtle gestures and soft sounds. These are the beloved pets that are remembered when photo albums are brought out and old stories are told. The mysterious bond never breaks and images impressed on the brain produce phantom sightings of the creature long after it's gone. Running down that familiar track or lying in that accustomed spot, they are here again. The time we had with them is golden, the love, undying.

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