Thursday, November 8, 2007

Golden Age Of Television

Jack Benny was the subject of the AmericanMasters series from PBS this week. Clips from Benny's radio days and television show, as well as movies were featured. Jack Benny was a unique talent doing ground-breaking work at everything he tried. Even though the character he played was a curmudgeonly old tightwad, Benny was in fact a warm and generous man loved by millions. He started careers for so many people who are now household names themselves and true admiration and affection showed on the faces of those who described working with him. Little blurbs with George Burns, Johnny Carson, Bob Hope,Carol Burnett, and Milton Berle were scattered throughout the show. Seeing them all on one show was like getting seconds on dessert. His humor was accessible to everyone in the family witnessed by the countless shots of kids crowded around the old black and white with dad in his recliner. Seems like a good idea to stock up on DVDs of the shows to watch when there's nothing on TV.

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