Thursday, November 1, 2007

At It Again

The rookie music reviewer strikes again! I'll forgo the format most writers use of trying to describe the songs in cryptic sentences. goes.....REM has a new live album (that's cd in old people talk) with lot's of favorites and a terrific sound.
It's a two cd set and also comes with a DVD of the concert. Amazon has samples of most of the songs, but you've probably heard them before. One song that was left off the album ,but is my favorite REM song is "Nightswimming" so I'm putting it up here for you to enjoy.It reminds me of late summer at the lake up in the mountains a long time ago.....good times.
Mike Mills was interviewed on the Dan Patrick Show and played a bit of the piano part of Nightswimming over the telephone. The only thing that kept me from sobbing was when he messed up and yelled "Shoot!" in the phone. Funny guy.

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