Monday, October 15, 2007

Company's comin'

Tomorrow afternoon family from Atlanta are coming to visit. A family with six children. Our house has been without children this age for about seven years. So in an attempt to make it more child friendly I took a trip to a consignment shop that specializes in baby stuff. What an amazing array of baby paraphernalia! You can imagine the new products that weren't around when we had our babies. I was looking for the basics: highchair, walker, pull toys, puzzles, and a tricycle. The walker I found doesn't walk at all; apparently what was good enough for my kids is now considered deadly. The one I got is a huge round thing covered in so many toys that I'm afraid it will make the baby frantic. Instead of a tricycle I ended up with a ride on toy that has a flashing sun face and basketball net on the front and plays music. I took the batteries out of that one......too much noise. The puzzles were more what I had in mind. They are beautifully crafted wooden ones from Germany. Now these I remember. So now there are two big buckets in the living room cum playroom with coloring books, stuffed animals, picture books, Lincoln logs, and pull toys. Bring on the children!

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