Monday, October 1, 2007

Blustery Day

This past weekend was extra special. We went to Jacksonville for the FSU-BAMA game on Saturday, but it was really just an excuse to visit our baby girl who's away at college there. It was one of those whirlwind tours you've heard about; we left home at 7:00 AM, got to Jacksonville at 10:30 and went straight to the dorm to take care of technical issues (cell phone, computer). The wonderful St. Johns Towncenter is one and a half miles from the campus, so we went and strolled around there before lunch at Ted's Montana Grill. The crab cakes were delicious!

Next stop was the water taxi that would drop us right at the stadium. There's something about being on the water that always makes a day remarkable and this was no different. The wind was whipping and the water was choppy and slapping at the side of the boat to make things interesting.

The game was played in the same place the Jaguars play but there was a definite big college football atmosphere. A fellow trying to find his friend was overheard shouting into his cellphone,"Okay, that's easy! You're wearing a red shirt and khaki pants just like the thousands of other dudes walking up!" With the Crimson Tide playing the Garnet and Gold it looked like we were all rooting for the same team. Hubby wore a Stanford hat to confuse everyone. FSU played a good second half and won. Hooray for our side!

After dinner we dropped Lucy and her friend back at their dorm and bravely said goodbye. I don't worry about her because she's smart and capable and has strong faith. But I'm free to miss her as much as I want. And that's a lot.

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