Sunday, October 7, 2007

Catalog Overload

It started as a trickle. One catalog with a few sparkly Christmas ornaments came a couple of weeks ago. My daughter saw it and said,"It's coming." There were a few fall catalogs with some Christmas pages in the back that showed up. Then some clothing catalogs with snowy scenes on the front. Suddenly, this week, an avalanche of catalogs fell out of my mailbox every time I went out there. The poor mail lady! All the food gifts like popcorn and cheese and chocolates were on the pages. There's enough jewelry to satisfy the Queen of Sheba. How about the flowers of the month club (I wouldn't mind getting that) or the coffee of the month club? Or salmon from Nova Scotia. Shoes and books catalogs are in there. In case you're embarrassed for the visiting relatives to see how you really live there are furniture and decorating catalogs.
The ones I can't resist looking at are the ornament books. Every year I tell myself that I don't need to spend any more money on ornaments. And every year I give into temptation.
I just ordered the egg shaped ornaments from Smith and Hawkin that have little miniature gardens painted on them. I guess the guys in marketing know what they're doing.

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