Monday, September 29, 2008

Jacksonville Mini Break

It's so nice to get away for a little while, especially when the trip includes time with a darling daughter. We got up early Saturday morning and drove to Jacksonville to visit Lucy and see the FSU-Colorado game. How lucky are we that just when Lucy starts school there, FSU schedules a game in Jacksonville at Alltell stadium! Last year it was Alabama, this year Colorado.
Jacksonville is a beautiful city with the St. John's river running through it and of course the Atlantic Ocean on the east side to make it breezy and cool.............just right for football.
We like to park on the south side of the river and take a river taxi over to the game. Then you can get dropped of at Charthouse, Ruth Chris, or a couple of other terrific restaurants on the way back. We ate at the Charthouse and had a great view of the skyline all lit up.
University of North Florida is one of the best kept secrets of the University system in Florida.The classes are strictly limited in size and only taught by professors. The campus is on 1300 acres of land with only 150 of it developed, so it's very compact and beautifully landscaped. There are miles of trails through the forests and wetlands to explore and run on or just pick out a bench and enjoy the view.


andi said...

Great Pics! Makes me want to go back to college. Had no idea how nice Jacksonville is!

Tonja said...

I bet you had a wonderful time. The weather now is perfect for football. Loved the pics, too. Didn't know that about the water taxi. How fun! Glad you enjoyed this special weekend!

Sandi McBride said...

I just love it when I see pictures of other places...I may never get to see them in person, but I can store up memories anyway...

dana said...

Those photos are wonderful! How great that the school is particular about who teaches the classes. Even in the Old Days when I attended college, they would use assistants to teach--many times ones with very heavy accents. Not a good policy!

You commented on my EEK pin on my post--Bonnie found it at Hallmark, it is a Russ brand!


Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I lived in Jacksonville years ago~ before the riverfront was so nice. I'd love to see it now.
Thanks for the pictures!