Monday, September 8, 2008

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We use Netflix to rent DVDs. If you aren't familiar with it, they make suggestions for you based on what you tell them you like. Whenever I check the recommended list or "Movies you'll love" I'm baffled. Do they really think I'll love Dave Attell's Insomniac Tour Uncensored? I caught about two minutes of this guy on Comedy Central once and felt like I'd been assaulted by Bozo on crack. They also think I'll love Hustle:the story of five con artists plying their trade of theft and deception across the UK. The cover shows five unlikely British actors who look like they ply the trade of making commercials. Then there's Crimes And Misdemeanors which should actually be titled Annie Hall VI because they describe this flick as "a fascinating tapestry of interwoven relationships played against a Manhattan setting." No offense Woody but enough's enough. You really should get out more. So what's in my queue, you may ask. Well, there are more television shows than anything, surprisingly enough. There's A Bit Of Fry & Laurie, Extras, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Upstairs,Downstairs for starters. Someone else in the family has asked for Duchess Of Duke Street and The Long Way Around. We've already rented all of Arrested Development. Both versions of the Office have darkened our door, too. Remember when people looked down their nose at TV shows as the lowest form of entertainment? It's beginning to look like the tables have turned.


Tonja said...

Don and Alex go the Net Flick route, but I just don't watch too many movies. It requires being still for too long at one time!:)
I can watch better if I can be doing something else at the same time. But, they always want it dark. However, Alex, and Ian begged me to sit down and watch a movie with them last night, so I did. "It's a great movie", they said. "It won awards." I hated it. The name of it was There Will Be Blood. It starred Daniel Day Lewis. Wonderful character study, but boring and depressing.

madrekarin said...

Nothing like a little Jeeves and Wooster to make a night in better than a night out. :)
We've not tried Netflix yet. I don't know what's stopping us. Everyone who gets it, loves it. Perhaps it is time.
Thanks for coming by the new blog. My background is by Cutest Blog On the Block. Super easy to download and much easier tham me sitting at the computer for hours on end trying to make things fit. lol

andi said...

You crack me up!!!! Thanks so much for your precious encouragement. :) Hope you have a great night. I have wondered about the Netflix. They send us stuff in the mail to "reel" us in. (No pun intended.LOL) :)

Ms.Daisy said...

I have Netflix and it is great! Right now on my blog, I have left comments (teasers actually) about movies I have rented and, for the most part, enjoyed. Stop by and see if any appeal to you!