Monday, December 10, 2007

What's For Lunch?

In this world of plain organic soy yogurt, vegetable puree drinks, and tofu patties, a girl can get a hankering for a grilled cheese sandwich. And I don't mean Jarlsburg on sourdough panini, either. I mean American slices on white with mayo. With chips and a sweet pickle on the side. The kind of lunch you could get from the lunch counter while Christmas shopping at Lenox Square........ before they enclosed it. A Coke to drink goes without saying. A Coke float if a person was feeling extravagant.

If you could have anything you like for lunch, what would it be? Throw caution to the wind. Banana and peanut butter sandwich? Datenut bread with cream cheese? Or the ever popular Olive loaf?

The lunch fairy is poised to grant your wish......all you have to do ask. Silent's your chance to speak up.....don't be shy (What's good in the U.K.?). Or even better, share a recipe for a fabulous luncheon dish. Aspic,anyone?


JANET said...

Ha ha! I fixed myself a toasted cheese sandwich the other day. I also have a batch of pineapple-cream cheese spread in the frig, and I used to eat banana-peanut butter sandwiches! I also used to love Woolworths. We got sugar cookies there any time we went shopping in the city.

Lori said...

awwwww sweet memories!!! i remember feasting at woolworths with my grandmother and lil' sister when we were girls...the lunch fairy doesn't look like she really WANTS to grant any wishes...but she cracks me up:)

windycorner said...

Alas....the lunch fairy is here to remind us of the fat and sodium content of our lunch.