Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Road Trip

Here we are in fabulous Las Vegas! That exclamation conjures up every image of cheesy Elvis impersonators, greasy lounge lizards, and tank shirt clad tourists for me. But we're here anyway. To give you a peak into my state of mind, I'm reading a book about touring England while I sit by the pool here under a fake Eiffel Tower. I'm imagining the trip I'll take when I get to choose where I want to go instead of going where the NACM convention is that year. Instead of walking with masses of people by enormous monuments to the god of tacky, I'll be poking my head in high street shops in some village in Surrey. I'll do one of those country rambles over rolling hills near Bristol. The docents at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London will greet me by my first name. "Good morning", they'll say. "Third time you've been here this week, isn't it?" " But you know I never get tired of Gainesborough", I'll reply.

For now, I'll have to be satisfied with the art collection at the Bellagio. You certainly don't have to deal with masses of people there. And they do have the most beautiful blown glass fixture on the ceiling in the lobby. Speaking of, the lobbies here are such a contradiction in images: lush blooming gardens next to clanging slot machines. Elegant shops like Tiffany's and Louis Vitton being visited by people dressed in Walmart chic. The ever present cigarette smoke is a shock to this nose that is used to Florida's clean indoor air, as the recording in the airport calls it. And where else in the world can you see pirates, pyramids, roller coasters, and the Arc de Triumph all on the same block?

Per Number One Son's recommendation we saw Love last night. This is the new Cirque du Soleil show using Beatles songs and imagery. Magical! This was the best Cirque show I've seen. The usual formula of incredible costumes, comedy, dance, and stunts was heightened by the familiar songs and art of the Fab Four. The sound track was especially produced by George Martin and his son for this show and they really hit the mark. I heard lots of my favorites and it just puts a smile on your face to see them played out by these expressive performers.
Next stop: southern Utah

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