Sunday, June 24, 2007

It's a dog's life

Going on a trip takes lots of preparation. Bathing suit? check. Sunscreen? check. Flip flops? check. Someone to take care of the dog? uh-oh. Forget the vet's office. If you haven't given them a six month heads up you are out of luck. Kids next door? perfect. They love to play with her anyway so this will work out great. What? they're going to be gone the same time you are and were hoping you'd take care of their dog? Great-now what. Guess we'll have to take her along. She loves the idea. She's known that something's going on anyway. She goes and stands by the car every time you go outside. If you leave the car door open she jumps in. Hope the relatives we're going to visit are understanding. Just because they don't have a dog doesn't mean they don't love mine, right? She's like part of the family- a distant cousin. We call her baby and sweet girl and let her sleep in our beds. We spend more on her haircuts than our own. She has the most pristine diet of anyone in the family. No chinese poisoned imported ration for her. Only domestic, organic, balanced for her body type chow. Who wouldn't enjoy having a dog like that as a house guest? I'll call them right now and tell them to add one more for dinner.

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