Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fancy toes

There's nothing like the feeling you get from a pedicure. It's fresh and pretty, relaxing and luxurious. For a long time I wouldn't get a pedicure because I really don't like people messing with my feet. But the more I saw my daughters coming home with pretty toes, I finally decided to give it a try. Heaven! Picking out the polish color you want is like standing in front of a penny candy counter with a dollar in your hand. All the shiny reds and pinks and pearly whites and creams make it hard to choose. Then you sit in the massage chair with your feet in a warm soak. Nothing wrong with that. Next a friendly lady carefully clips and files your toenails. She applies all kinds of fruity fragrant scrubs and lotions to your feet and ankles. With artistic skill the polish is brushed on your squeaky clean toes. Now my toenails remind me of those hot cinnamon jaw breakers - Atomic Fireballs. After the lady carefully slides my sandals back on my feet, I'm wishing I didn't have to leave this salon of indulgence. Back in the real world now. In the car to go home and cook dinner and wash clothes, but I'm doing it all with fancy toes.

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