Thursday, August 7, 2008

Queen For A Day

Today was the day to splurge on myself. Without going into all the details, just know that the last couple of weeks have been about being Mom and all the sacrificial Mommyness that goes along with that.
First, the fingers and toes got a coat of paint.

While there, the wax worked it's magic, too. No before and after pics, but take my word for it.....big improvement.

Next got the roots taken care of.

After a shopping trip to get birthday presents for Hubby's big day tomorrow, came home to find this on the porch.

Not only the fabulous tassel from Susie Harris, but look at the precious tags she included. See what's on top of that tassel? That's right........ it's a crown.


Lori said...

oooooooh, all kinds of pretties happening over there today:) what a good day you had Holley!!! yay!!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it nice to take a day all to yourself once in a while??
That tassle is very cute!! She has a very nice shop on etsy.

Susie Harris said...

You go girl! Im so glad you liked it.... Have a great day!

Kim's Treasures said...

Oh how fun to have a day of pampering! And don't you just love packages from Susie!?! I have my little tags hanging in my den...I need to take a photo of that sometime!
Have a great day!