Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's A Man's World

It's that time again.......the season when our house becomes "male heavy" and I'm the only girl. We took Lucy back to school over the weekend and Emily's in her REALLY cute apartment (I'm not jealous!) so that leaves Number One Son, Son Jack, Hubby, and me. Me as chief cook and bottle washer, but I'm determined to be cheerful about the situation and look for positives around every corner. Those positive moments are going to be coming at me so fast and furious that it will be tough keeping track. The sons are handy and helpful so lots and lots of Honey-do items will be struck off the list. Think of all the times that a step stool won't be necessary.....just call a son. Kinda reminds me of when Jerry (of Seinfeld fame) had to go to his Nana's apartment to open the ketchup bottle.

I've got three big strong guys to open jars. Just call me Queen Bee.


Donna O. said...

You ARE Queen!! And thanks for the Seinfeld video- I still watch all of the reruns.
PS- So glad the Ann-Margaret pantsuit won!! What a crack-up that episode was.

Lori said...

oh, i LOVE Seinfeld!!! i was cracking up all through the clip...thanks for sharing Queen Bee!!!

Sandi McBride said...

Oh my honey, are you living in a dream world? I still have the job of spider wrangling and I'm terrified of them...opening jars? Yeah, right...Mac open a jar? Only after I loosen it for him, lol! Good luck with that dream life, lol lmao!!!

Tonja said...

Oh, that was the most fun! I so enjoyed watching those clips!
I raised 3 boys and a husband and a male dog...I can commiserate.

But, those hugs make up for a lot of other things!

Sugar Bear said...

You definitely are the queen! Make sure they obey your rule.