Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hidden Treasure

The utility room has gotten completely out of control so it's time to tackle the huge monster in there. Years of collecting arts and crafts supplies and items necessary for school has got to be dealt with so this past weekend Hubby and Number One Son pulled everything out and put up some new shelves to light a fire under me. All the stuff that had been like a big leaning tower of craft supplies is now in the dining room like a big object lesson on prepositions; on the table, under the table, around the table, beside the table. So tonight after dinner I started going through it.
Somehow a folder my sweet daughter Em had been saving got in with all the stuff. It was filled with birthday cards and Valentines and letters from her grandparents going back ten years and more. The letters were encouraging notes from when she first left for college and pointed out what a smart and lovely young lady she had become. The Valentines and birthday cards were from friends; some are still close, some have drifted away, but they all expressed love and affection for her. She has always been a loving and lovable girl, even when she was tiny, and the fading cards in the folder hold concrete evidence of that. Thank goodness I get to witness it first hand everyday.


Sandi McBride said...

I'm sorry, but if my chldren made it, I kept it...I've been known to take down even their college work and go over it and laugh at what passed for humor with my older son...the child is still terribly British lol
But good cleaning...and may their be less mess and more good cheer when you're done

Tonja said...

I know it makes you feel good to get your craft stuff all organized. If it would just STAY organized..that's MY problem.!

Sandra Evertson said...

Oh, Your floating Butterflies are so wonderful! So Creative!
Sandra Evertson