Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spring Vacation

Here's more about my trip to Georgia last week. On Saturday Daddy, Momma, and I went to breakfast at the Berryman House in Bowman. It's a family run restaurant with delicious home cooked yummies. They have sausage that is out of this world and you definitely can't get where I live.
Then Momma and I went right across the river into South Carolina and hit the antique shops and had lunch in Seneca at the cutest tea room called Circa 1930. They have a hodge-podge of tables and chairs that all look like the ones your grandmother had. Then they set the table with beautiful vintage china and linens and serve old standbys as well as some adventurous goodies. We tried their Butternut Squash Soup and Reubens on marble rye. Scrumptious! This birdhouse was in an antique store in Seneca and was decorated with old hardware. Clever! Wish I thought of that.
This soap dish came from a great little shop called The Red Door and it got my suitcase checked when it went through the x-ray machine. The security man said it looked dangerous so I promised him I'd be careful when I put it in my bathroom. Good thing he had a sense of humor or he would have kept it for closer investigation.


Sandi McBride said...

We have this place called The General Store that has lots of old furniture and quilts, vintage jewelry and jelly belly jelly beans...yep, right up in the midst of all that history you can pop jelly beans till you...well, pop? Next time you get this close, send me an email...I'll send you directions!

Lori said...

sounds like you had lots of fun...LOL on the "dangerous" soap dish:)

Anonymous said...
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SaraLynn said...

The Berryman House is beautiful!
I came across your blog during the blog party. I have really enjoyed reading your posts. Stop by and say hello sometime!