Sunday, July 5, 2009

Barbeque Shrimp

This recipe has the best of both worlds.....seafood and barbeque....with bacon and Sweet Baby Rays sauce for good measure. Nothing wrong with that!

To serve four hungry adults or a family of six, two pounds of fresh large gulf shrimp is plenty. Peel, devein , and rinse the shrimp them wrap each one with half a strip of bacon. Thread five or six wrapped shrimps on presoaked bamboo skewers and brush with olive oil. Place on grill away from direct flame and cook about three minutes on each side. The result should be firm, pink shrimp and crispy bacon. Serve on plates with Sweet Baby Rays barbeque sauce on top.
To complete your meal add thick slices of Beefsteak tomatoes, cheesy garlic grits and fresh baby butter beans. What could be better than that!

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Lori said...

ooooooh, that sounds SO good Holley!!! i love me some bacon:)